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I’m flying” scene from Titanic (1997)

It is undeniable that one of the most iconic scenes from Titanic (1997) is the “I’m flying” scene. This scene introduced many young people to the Titanic disaster in 1912, even some of them have never watched the full movie.

It would be great if we could rewind back to the last night of the Titanic so that, at least, we could picture the atmosphere or people who traveled on that ship. …

Are you one of the people who work with tons of files?

It is undeniable that collecting many versions of files is annoying somehow. Unpredictable things might occur during this time. The original file and the latest version that you just fixed could easily be swapped, in case that you do not carefully pay attention to the file names that you just saved, or you might found that you deleted the recent fixed file instead of the earlier version. …

It has been a long time that our population faced mental disorders such as schizophrenia. Many had their hard time getting through each day, suffered from painful symptoms. As I am one of the people who are interested in mental disorders, I accidentally found this article, published in 2003, while searched on the internet.

This study investigated an association of neuregulin 1 with schizophrenia among the Scottish population. …

When artificially sweetened beverages became the cause of health issues.

For some of you who might wonder, ‘sweet tooth’ is a word used to describe someone who really enjoys sugary foods. As I am the one who also loves eating sweets, it is heartbreaking to know that I have less choice of eating sweet-flavored foods.

The meaning of ‘sweet tooth’ addressed in Cambridge Dictionary

Everybody knows that consuming too much sugar could lead to many health problems such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Fortunately, there are a group of food additives that also give sugary flavor called artificial sweeteners.

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